With the Circraft, you can now enjoy a revolutionary experience on the water. Invented in Great Britain, the Circraft is a circular craft that has no rudder and is steered completely by body weight.

The Circraft

powered by an outboard engine ranging from 9.9hp – 40hp, the latter being able to reach speeds of up to 40mph, providing an exhilarating on the water ride. The Circraft offers a wake free experience so it makes it an ideal craft for Waterskiing and Wakeboarding.


is by body movement. Lean to the left, the Circraft goes left. Lean to the right, the Circraft goes right. Cut the throttle to neutral and the Circraft stops within feet. There is a cutout cord from the outboard to the driver, ensuring safety. The Circraft is designed to carry one or two people. With two people you have to learn together, a good way to get acquainted on the water!

You can see the Circraft in action below by checking out the video on our Racing page, or by clicking here!

Easy and Unique…

Using the Circraft has never been more fun, with owners having the choice of a range of activities; from enjoying a leisurely weekend on the water to participating in competitive racing.

The Circraft is European CE approved and is a rated category C vessel. It is not restricted in the same way that personal watercraft are and as a result has a greater flexibility in how it can be used. It is also considerably lower in cost than a jet-ski.

The Circraft can be custom finished in many colours or designs, including a metallic finish. The hull can be one colour, the deck another. The options to customise the boat are endless!

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