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What is a CirCraft?

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A CirCraft is...

Like some kind of aquatic flying saucer, the ‘Circraft’ is an English invention that brings a whole new dimension to messing about on the water. Round, revolutionary and radical, it may be pint-sized but the fun to be had is enormous.
These little boats can fly across the water at 40mph.With no steering wheel or rudder, it's not plain sailing.

Why should you own one?

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You should own one because...

  • Not as restrictive as a jet ski
  • Cheaper insurance
  • Class c vessle
  • Low or very little maintenance
  • Simple outboard motor
  • Great hire boats

You May Get Wet

Pack your towels because you are going to need it.

Be A Winner

Have a race with family and friends and see who is the fastest.


What will your top speed be?

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What Our Customers say


Great Family Fun.

John Smith


25mph and i had to lean to get it to turn right, boy was that fun,but leaning to stear is great fun

Philip Downes

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